Sunday, 15 August 2010

the not-very-blue note cafe Glastonbury

Blue Note 8/8/2010

Blue Note 14/8/2010
Those of you who think Glastonbury is just a festival are missing out. It is in fact the best home town any girl could wish for. After having copied, cut out, pasted, drawn and of course painted my way through a weeks worth of jazz records and mexican mosiac triangles whilst being surrounded by almost ALL of my favourite people ..I now feel more in love with Mid Somerset than ever before...

After the very vague briefing of "mexican music diner" (thanks Caelie)........ i think we pulled it off with tortilla chips growing on trees and a photocopied record library. ...
Sadly there is not live Blues music played in this cafe but there is great coffee and foods fit for hippies. oh,... and nachos. :)