Prints and paintings

I'm very partial to a bit of silk screen action.
An awful lot of my personal work is about pools. but not all of it.
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From town hall. Glastonbury 2012

Large pool view. Porchester 2010

Large pool sides. Porchester 2010

Brockwell. 2009

Barcelonetta. 2003

waiting for the midday ferry. Armona. 2013
Imsouane landscape Marrocco 2014. 

Las Ramblas 2003

Churros y chocolate. Tarifa 2008

Small pool reflections . Porchester 2010

Copacabana hats. Bolivia 2008

Faro Chairs. Portugal 2007

Pavillion Patterns. Brighton 2012

Published work in Kingpin magazine. 2007

Pinxtos 1. Bilbao 2006

Pinxtos 2. Bilbao 2006


Garden of eden triptych. 2009

Freedom trees.Diptych 2010

Sushi times 2010 1m x1m

The Dinosaur project. 2012 1m x 1m

Postcard from NSW 2013
Selva 2014 120x150 acrylic on canvas

Indian Series. 2013. 1m x 1m

                                                       THE LOVE BIRDS. 60x60 commission 2014