Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Porchester for life-screenprints

Prints and Photographs.

The Porchester Centre has been a great source of inspiration to me over the 3 years that I have worked on the poolside. The aesthetics of the 1920’s building has had a positive effect on my wellbeing and very rarely have I been bored whilst sitting in the lifeguard chair.

When I am not guarding lives or swimming, I am painting murals or finding other ways to express my visual appreciation of things in life that others may overlook.

Here I have used a combination of old re-prographic techniques such as photocopying and water-based screen-printing based on hand-drawn images and creative 35ml photography,to develop one-off original artworks or small limited edition series prints. These are creative methods that I have developed through years of print design studies and periodical employment In both fine art and commercial screen-printing studios.

The prints come in many variants and are all available to buy; as prints on heavyweight paper,

within a mount, or framed as seen. Many prints not on display, please ask me!




FRAMED £150.

small pool reflections 1/3
small pool reflections with bleach 1/2
large pool sides 1/2
large pool balcony "with walls" 1/2
large pool balcony monotone 1/2

plunge pool 1/3

Spa chairs with gold 1/3
"Brockwell" mono print