Wednesday, 26 January 2011

DENCH bakery. wheat free fun

Even though i've been told i'm the only person in the Northside of Melbourne that still drinks coffee with chocolate sprinkles on (cappuchinos are soo last year darl! ).. John Dench, master baker of Victoria trusted me to decorate his cafe on Scotchmer St.North Fitzroy.
I drew a Faye Suzannah style wheaty pattern in a custard yellow with sourdough coloured details whilst i sipped my soya capp and wondered what all the fuss was with Australia Day anyway.

Many thanks to little miss Laura here who not only totally hooked me up with caffine and walls to keep me well busy during my time in Melbs, but makes wonderful things from wool and string in her spare time.

Considering my history of bread and toast art, i think Dench and I may have a future together