Thursday, 10 March 2011

Good clean fun in Mullum wash house

The barefooted community of Mullumbimby has not only made me feel very at home over the last few months, but has provided me with more than enough public projects to make me feel valued here on the otherside of the world.

I painted as campervans were emptied into the toploader speed queen washers, and petuli oil, sand and salty waters were washed from the belongings of the transient owners.
I painted as permaculture gardeners zoned out watching the driers and munched silently on organic bananas.
I listened to local stories, and foreign tales, and also a bit of triple j radio, over the humm of the machines

If a laundrette is a good social barometer, then i've learnt everything there is to know about 2482NSW.... BUT ALSO... I've learnt that whilst riding the wave of life, it pays to just be nice, put your heart into what you do, and say thanks to the people that help you

Thanks Blue