Sunday, 22 May 2011

Party packs revisited. cheer up love!

I'm not going to lie, rural life is starting to get me down. bike rides and walking puppies in meadows and going to bed early is making me feel like i'm missing out on something.
This weekend i painted an explosive mural in an office filled with everything fun that you could think of....

wigs, ribbons, baloons, banners, bunting , bangers and giant inflatable willys as far as the eye can see..... ..
whopee! i thought as i popped party poppers to myself,painted bottles of champagne , listened to carnival music on my i pod and gazed a bit out of the window a the stunning somerset countryside...
When i'd finished successfully cheering up this office i wanted to go and celebrate but here i am instead in bed at 9.30 pm. ! Party on.

Look HERE at their extensive online catalogue and look here > at what i also painted in party packs back in 2008! Fiesta!