Tuesday, 1 May 2012

the big blue

Big things are happening at the REd brick building this week!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somehow i have designed and started to create a 50metre mural on commission from Sunrise Celebration festival. Without being able to assend on the fields of Pilton this year we are just going to have to go to Bruton instead. If you make it t the festival you will see this finished underwater work as a wall in the main arena

over the next 2 weeks we hope to create a PROPER scene and make both shareholdrs and passers by alike understand just how much creativity us glasto folk have inside of us that's just waiting to get out!.
The red brick building has already shown us that it is a  MUCH NEEDED facility within our rural landscape even if it is only half built!
Already feeling more than honourned to be the first to make art in there and also honoured to have a bunch of friends around willing to put the hours in painting seaweed!!!!! stoked!!!