Saturday, 25 May 2013

Superblue!. Cabot Primary School

This week i have been mostly hanging out with the community of Cabot Primary school in Bristol. Throughout art week, the pupils of  reception class and years; 1,2 and 6 helped me  to layer up the fishes on this awesome under the sea scene! 


These cheeky St Pauls kids and the schools staff ( who all got involved too!)taught me indirectly about Excellence, Inclusion and Partnership as we got painty in the sun ( mostly in the sun). Please note the credit goes all to them and to Mr Ackner, who organised the project and is no doubt one of the most passionate teachers i've ever met. 


And how can i spend a week in St Pauls without a carnival reference?? After this week, i've got blue paint on my hands, soca music in my ears.. and now Trinidad in my sights... !!