Friday, 10 October 2014

painitng in circles

 Mixed feelings about my last projects in Tagazhout Marrocco for UK Holiday company Surf Maroc.
I feel very thankful for being able to holiday for weeks for free but there's a question here as to weather i managed to have a holiday around the ton of painting work i did. I love the Surf Maroc guys and what they do out there, working super hard to create the best holiday for hundreds of surfers and yoga enthusiasts each week. Dawn yoga facing the ocean WAS an absolute dream. The general smell and hassles of Tagazhout wasn't . so pros and cons all round.
"Doors to a desert world" 150x150cm acrylic on board

"Painting in circles" 1 of 2  40x40 acrylic on board

"Christmas cactus 2" 30x50cm acrylic on old canvas
"cactus patterns" 50x50 acrylic on old canvas. and my feet . yes barefoot painting was a fun part.