Saturday 16 January 2016


Hi if you've found your way to this blog then great!
i now have  a new site which might be easier to navigate.

Entire archive of mural work will still on the right here though !>>>> 

Wednesday 16 September 2015

bubblegum Jungle

Living in a caravan, cycling an hour across the somerset levels to get to work, and being able to experiment with this wall, made for a good summer.. when it wasn't raining of course

fascinated by the positive/negative shapes that appeared.. and the effect of this bubblegum pink against the greens! this turquoise background really offset all my planned palette it was so exciting to see the effect of the blue on the various greens.

Sunday 19 July 2015

A kernel of truth?

NEWSFLASH! Whilst i was overseas the global paint brand VALSPAR have not only taken over all of my beloved Dulux colour palette,
( no more brooklyn nights 1, or marroccan sands 2 or blue diamond 5 or, bongo jazz 1) 

But they have used my Brighton Whalefest mural rather prominently on their B+Q home paint catalogue as part of a " colour outside the lines" Ad campaign. !

So now life surrounded most probably with " caribbean escape" and " a kernel of truth"  and plays on colour names without numbers.. begins.....

Melting pot. Maroccan wall

Fresh off the boat, or the train, or whatever type of journey it was that i went on for a week at Glastonbury festival that made me feel wonky until at least the 4th of July, I joyfully decorated a friends back yard.

We chose a Maroccan tile pattern to start, used Greek inspired colours, listened to Jamaican music, drank Mexican beer and then ordered Thai food to celebrate . Good old England!!!!

Sunday 5 July 2015

shangri-la signs

This years Worthy Farm input was in the shape of these glorious  greek-yoghurt inspired shiny signs for the heaven lounge in Shangri-la.  And now i take my annual vow to learn to sign-write the real way rather than treating words like graphic murals .

Tuesday 14 April 2015

RAWartists present: SENSORY Byron Bay

 On May 22nd at the Byron Bay Brewery, to celebrate my last 6 months of ByronShire time. I will be exhibiting and selling off my most recent canvases including this 2metre neon beast below entitled "seaspacescape" Tickets are only $16.50, that's about 10Euros/£9 for everybody else.

2m x1m acrylic on canvas "Seaspacescape" open to offers. wish i could take it home 

Sunday 22 March 2015

Byron Arts Classic 2015

The annual Byron Arts Classic show is on in a few weeks. If you are in town for BluesFest or just want to see a massive range of art produced and submitted by all manner of different people in this Northern Rivers community then please come . All for a good cause.
These canvases for sale. at a stupidly cheap price.

Freedom mandala 1m x1m acrylic on canvas

Take flight. 1m x1m acrylic on canvas

Thursday 26 February 2015

MY Own parrots

Those of you who know me won't be suprised that i've been in the gym everyday this week.. But this time its been in my painting shorts rather than my lycra.
MyOwnGym is a sweet little womens only gym in Byron Bay where i've been having a right laugh over the last few months, sweating out the stress of being homeless and jobless.
Never forgetting to be thankful that i get to exercise alongside some of my Glasto homies who NEVER would have worked out back in Blighty! Thats the power of Australia for ya!

Love a good before and after shot!


Blue maccaws in flight, in my fave colours ever.. and a power flow yoga class after. 


Friday 20 February 2015

All organic everyday. SANTOS ORGANICS

Long awaited chalk board paint job in SANTOS organics cafe in the A+I estate Byron Bay.
I reckon i have seriously cheered up Josh here by painting his favourite heliconia flowers all around his workplace. 
Eachtime i'm drinking a smoothie or a juice or eating the life-changing protein pattie burger i feel like a chump for ever complaining about my life. Ever

Everything is good about this. 
All organic everyday baby!

Monday 5 January 2015

Anyone for Tennis?

Totally off-scale jungle banana plant pattern for ByronBay Tennis club!! 
This 30m wall kept me well busy over Christmas and New year.Too busy mixing green paint and fighting off the ants to remember to eat chocolate and drink wine! which in my world is a RESULT!


Monday 15 December 2014

Byron bay 2481

I'm so inspired by all the sunlight and amazing plants and blue waters and strange looking birds that shape the landscape of the furthest eastern point of Australia. I'm in Byron looking for walls don't be scared people heres' what i made last time i was here:!!

Friday 7 November 2014

Blue loo.

Underwater carp take 2. this time in a tiny loo. clearly i had fun in there surrounded by all the blue!!

Even painted on the ceiling  which is soo much harder than i remember..

Tuesday 28 October 2014

Jungle commisison.

Recent commission completed in record time with pressures of leaking roofs and international flights
Titled. Selva. 120x150 acrylic on canvas.

Monday 20 October 2014

Shameless plugs: Now on Instagram

Yup You heard me search @fayesuzannah and follow me on instagram to see all of these nice pictures on here, just smaller and with a filter.

Sunday 12 October 2014

Its a Selva out there. Coachwerks sessions.

 Working on a new tropical commisson working out of the leaky shed that is Coachwerks studios.
Dodging puddles and painting with gloves on already in October!!

I'm painting this:

Whilst Mango does this.. Love him!!!!!

Friday 10 October 2014

painitng in circles

 Mixed feelings about my last projects in Tagazhout Marrocco for UK Holiday company Surf Maroc.
I feel very thankful for being able to holiday for weeks for free but there's a question here as to weather i managed to have a holiday around the ton of painting work i did. I love the Surf Maroc guys and what they do out there, working super hard to create the best holiday for hundreds of surfers and yoga enthusiasts each week. Dawn yoga facing the ocean WAS an absolute dream. The general smell and hassles of Tagazhout wasn't . so pros and cons all round.
"Doors to a desert world" 150x150cm acrylic on board

"Painting in circles" 1 of 2  40x40 acrylic on board

"Christmas cactus 2" 30x50cm acrylic on old canvas
"cactus patterns" 50x50 acrylic on old canvas. and my feet . yes barefoot painting was a fun part.