Friday, 1 July 2011

Glastonbury 41

Since finishing full-time education.... the university of life has brought me many many lessons in many different things. factory work and t-shirt printing taught me how to deal with monotonus work that feels like its never going to end. Life in London town taught me that it's OK to not waste precious time with fools. Front crawl in chlorinated pools across the globe has taught me that discipline is important for progression, and more recently a little furry friend of mine has taught me how to sleep properly, finally.
BUT never before my midsummer times in the Park Field have i had anybody teach me how to paint. working for Misty and Reg in the Park farm corner of the glastonbury site, rain or shine.. each year, is my most invaluable learning time. I get to see others weilding brushes or cans or pens in the way in which they know how and i come out more technically brimming with tips than i ever did exiting the LCC turnstiles.
Some do it for the money
others for the love
i do it for the knowledge.... (and access to a backstage shower!)

This is Mr Fly who doesnt know it but is by far my favourite teacher. he is seriously PRO.

The local end of the festival was also graced with my brushes. Me and the krumble empire were busy before hand making well-needed T+C signage....
more in 2013.......