Monday, 1 August 2011


Finally got to do some painting in the sun at Womad last week. Been waiting for that ever since i left the Pacific coast! me and Helen Wheels did our bit for a small decor team at this world-wide festival. We got hot, cold, tired, happy, hungry, drunk and barefooted as is the way in the uk summertime. We also made some awesome new art friends
check them out
Phill Harvey .. made me miss skateboarding!
Tim Uleweiz...fell in love with a cow
Dom Williams. Organiser/ teacher extraordinnaire. even without the guyliner

I consider Helen a super and well organised lady, putting in serious time with her art and the correspondance that goes with it, As well as keeping up travelling all over europe with her skateboard. i never really was able to thank her enough for sharing Sydney time with me in her home city in the winter , but now i've shown her a bit of my festival background and we've both got buns of steel from crouching in the grass with our brushes for days.